Satisfying the taste buds with our delicious range of 100 gm Rasam Powder, 500 gm Cut Mango Pickle, etc.

Food industry is one of the greatest contributor in the economy. The rising economic rates have enabled many large companies to compete to be in the topmost position in the market. Being one such competitor, our company, Mambalam Iyers Food Products Pvt. Ltd. has been leading in the market since the year 2010. From that time, we have been working as a successful manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a tasteful range food products. The tasty, health and nutritious food products we provide includes 500 gm Amla Pickle, 100 gm Sambar Powder, 700 ml Rose Sarbath, Coriander Leaf Rice Mix, 300 gm Rice Upma Mix, etc. All of our food products are manufactured using the latest and modern machinery and ensured to be prepared from the best quality of ingredients. Overall, a great product line combined with our moral business ways, makes us a spectacular company in the food industry.

Our Vision

Working according to a determined set of vision helps a company to showcase their sense of purpose and more importantly the direction of their business. The primary vision of our company is to serve the best of our products to our customers. In order to achieve this, we work with utmost dedication and compassion to produce delicious food products including 100 gm Sambar Powder, 500 gm Amla Pickle etc. Moreover, with our unique product line we are able to satisfy our clients to the fullest.

Journey Till The Date

The experience of a company in the industry determines its good hold of the market. Having a decade-long experience, our company's immense knowledge of the industry has helped us to secure an outstanding position in the marketplace and our aim is to keep maintaining it in the future.

Our Strengths

Every company's path of success contains various obstacles during its tenure. In our company, our obstacles are eliminated by the help of our strengths. Following are some business elements on which our strengths are focused on:

  • We ensure that every customer is treated with respect and integrity.
  • We make sure that every product including 500 gm Amla Pickle, 100 gm Sambar Powder, etc., is of the best quality.
  • We maintain genuine pricing of our products.
  • We make sure that every order is timely and securely completed.

About Our Parent Company

The Clarion Group is based out of Chennai and consists of over 12 units including Clarion Cosmetics for personal care cosmetics, Nikita Containers which provides various decorative tin containers and of course our company, Mambalam Iyers Food Products Pvt Ltd. The group successfully caters to leading FMCG Brands in India and abroad.

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